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YouTube SEO Hacks 

YouTube – the largest video sharing website has always been the forerunner in the race of internet marketing and the way it has changed human lives with time. But using this as a weapon in your own development may be financially or business-wise in the Digital Marketing world art on its own. So here we are with Some Significant and Effective Steps that can help you be the Picasso of Youtube.

Google as a Platform for Digital Marketing

Google has been the Leader of the Search Engine Industry for years now and with time it has become an A-Class player in the field of Internet Marketing. There are various verticals of Digital Marketing which includes:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Where SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing are the best digital marketing channels to help people to make effective use of the Digital Marketing Platforms. To learn Digital Marketing one does not need any specific qualification. If you are passionate about Digital Marketing and knowledge about computer will be sufficient.

Now let’s focus on what SEO stands for, and how exactly is this process important for one’s a website and webpage?

SEO for YouTube Channel

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of affecting a website’s or webpage’s visibility in different Search Engines organically. Every Search Engine has its own set of rules and algorithm standards that it follows to maintain its search results with relevancy and quality in mind, which form the basics behind the core of Digital Marketing.

In the early 2000’s Google came up with multiple algorithms to improve the relevancy of their search results thus marking a revolution in The Digital Marketing Industry or the called Internet Marketing Industry. Getting a top rank in Google search results slowly started to catch up and became an important criterion to mark one’s success. Thus giving birth to Google SEO which has frequently changed overtime with ever-changing Google Algorithms causing a huge rise in demand for Digital Marketing Training Institutes because businesses needed them and as time passed they could not even survive without them.

1000s of books have been written, millions of articles have been created, 100s of hours have been used up by Digital Marketing Institutes trying to understand and explain, ’how to decrypt these Google algorithms and get ranked higher’ but there is only a handful that talks about ranking one’s video on Youtube, thus justifying our statement of, how underrated SEO for Youtube has always been. Youtube, as we know, is the biggest Video-Sharing platform. So it is important for Internet Marketing enthusiasts to make effective use of it. Hence understanding the Youtube Algorithms and performing SEO on it.

Youtube, as we know, is the biggest Video-Sharing Platform & so it is important for Internet Marketing enthusiasts to make effective use of it while understanding the Youtube Algorithms and performing SEO on it.

All types of SEO in digital marketing have a similar basic process involved with small changes in certain details, except in the case of Youtube. Youtube SEO differs from the rest SEOs because the content here is not a written article, but a video. So the factors that majorly affect your Search Ranking apart from Keywords are different.

How to Rank Youtube Videos on Google?

Here are most important hacks to push your video’s YouTube Ranking and obtain higher Search Engine Results;

  1. Find a Video Keyword and Optimize your video around it

For effective and organic growth in Digital Marketing, it is important to look for a trending Keyword with good enough search volume and then build your video around it. Use those keywords in Title, Description, and Search Tags. Doing these things may not drastically improve your ranking but they are highly important as they form the basic rules or creative foundation for Digital or Social Media Marketing.

  1. Make Sure your Videos are long enough (5+ Minutes)

Every time you search for a video on youtube, you must have noticed that longer videos get a higher rank or show up above the other short videos. That is basically because of the Total Watch Time Factor (TWT), which is a very important factor for ranking videos. Let us explain it to you with an example.

Let us explain it to you with an example;

“SEO Expert A” puts a 2 min video on his upcoming Advanced SEO Workshop, while “SEO Expert B” puts a 12 min video on his upcoming Advanced SEO Workshop.

  • Both the videos had 100 views each
  • All the 100 views for both had a retention or a hook for only 50% of the total video time for each video
  • So, with 50% Expert A had a TWT of 100 minutes while Expert B had a TWT of 600 minutes
  • B had a TWT which was 6 times to that of A’s
  • So, it’s obvious SEO Expert B’s Video would always rank above A’s.

This is exactly, how Total Watch Time gets affected with the length of Videos thus, affecting your Youtube Ranking.

  1. Have some Definitive Call to Actions

Digital Marketing is a total waste of money if you do not have conversions. The Sole reason why it caught up with time was that it allowed people to calculate and analyze every penny spent by them. Thus, helping them calculate accurate ROIs before investing. Similarly, in the case of youtube, it is important that you ask people to comment, like, share, subscribe, and even save it offline. This clearly helps you generate conversions and eventually help you enhance your Channel Authority. Using annotations for this purpose could be helpful in multiplying your user responses which in turn will directly reflect in your video rankings.

  1. Start your keyword in the Meta Title and have a long enough Meta Description

Content has always been the Arc Reactor of Digital Marketing where Keywords are the source of power behind it. So it is important to remember that no matter how different Youtube SEO is, it is still SEO. So having a keyword in the starting of the Title is a must. While also making sure you use it in the description as well. The description must be minimum of 200 words with a good amount of keyword usage without stuffing. This, again will not drastically affect your ranking as everyone does it but it’s mandatory, for it’s the basic rule for Digital Marketing.

  1. Hook your users in the first 15 seconds of the video

It’s the first impression that always plays wonders in Digital Marketing. So it’s important to remember that while watching the video is the first 15 seconds when the user decides if he or she is going to watch the video further or not. So it’s important to grab all the possible attention in the first 15 seconds without wasting much time. Reduce the introduction and give a crisp pre-summary of the video. That probably might help or if you know a better way then please let us know to add your thoughts in the comment sections.

  1. Tell your keyword in the video at least a few times.

It’s something that people have not always known but youtube actually listens to all our videos while going through the details of the uploaded videos. So using keywords just in the title and description might turn out to be a stale move. So it’s important to remember to choose the right keyword before you start making the video and not just while uploading it.

AMAZED to see a number of details you got to focus in?

At eMarket Education, we ensure our students have in-depth knowledge in every topic that they take on & the necessary practical exposure. For SEO audit we, have designed our Digital Marketing training in a way that students get the maximum time to try out all the possible strategies & filter out the most suitable content strategy for the particular project. When it comes to strategy, we believe once an individual has the required knowledge in the field whichever way he/she does the SEO audit he/she will always be able to achieve the goal.


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